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The use of BCSI Criteria or a BCSI Accredited certification entity, BCSI Accredited Independent Evaluator, or a BCSI Accredited benefit corporation does not constitute a warranty by BCSI or any of its officers, directors, employees, contributors, volunteer leaders, committees or other agents concerning the performance or suitability of any BCSI Criteria, any BCSI Accredited person or firm, any BCSI Accredited benefit corporation, or any non-BCSI Accredited company, consultant or firm.  BCSI Accreditation is not an endorsement of, or recommendation for, any person or entity.  BCSI does not directly advise, review, evaluate or accredit benefit corporations, and therefore cannot warrant that the products or services provided by a BCSI Accredited benefit corporation is merchantable or fit for any particular use.  BCSI is not aware of the specific facts and circumstances relating to any particular entity with regard to whether that company is or should be considered a benefit corporation.  BCSI disclaims any and all liability, including but not limited to damages for personal or other injury, lost profits, lost savings or other consequential or incidental damages that may arise from or in connection with:

1. services provided by, decisions made by, or reports issued or granted by any BCSI Accredited Independent Evaluator(s) or BCSI Accredited benefit corporation (s); or

2. reliance on any BCSI Criteria, description, specification or requirement, regardless of where that Criteria, description, specification or requirement appears.


Companies or individuals choosing to serve as a BCSI Accredited Independent Evaluator or BCSI Accredited Benefit Corporation are required to enter into a contract agreement, which contains, among other provisions, an indemnification of BCSI, its board, officers and agents from and against liability.