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Appendix A - BCSI Business Sectors

BCSI Business Sectors
# Basic Category Description Examples/Inclusions/Services Included Comments
1 Manufacturing Entities that manufacture tangible products

aerospace, aircraft, aircraft parts

defense items, including weapons, ammunition, fighting equipment, etc.

container manufacturers, including glass, cardboard, cans, drums, bottles, etc.

electronics, electronic parts, semiconductors, computers, printers, all peripherals, cables, wire, etc.

cars, tractors, cruise ships, lawnmowers, recreational vehicles, tools,

household appliances and furniture

medical devices and equipment

floor coverings, windows

apparel, jewelry, watches, shoes, textiles, etc.

personal products such as soap, razors

chemicals, including processing and production (includes pesticides)

biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

2 Retailers and Distributors  Wholesalers and retailers, whose main function is to resell goods to others, other than as otherwise categorized

generally involves already manufactured goods

oil and gas distributors and retailers

sellers of consumer goods, such as apparel, cars, etc.  Includes broad line sellers like Sears and Target, home improvement stores like Ace Hardware and Home Depot, and similar retailers like drug stores

special retail consumer services like rental stores

investor owned utilities

3 Travel and Leisure Entities that focus on travel, recreation, serving food, and discretionary activities

hotels, lodges, spas, campgrounds

casinos and gambling

fitness centers, gyms

sports teams

restaurants and bars, including fast food restaurants, mobile food


travel agents

movie theatres, playhouses

convention centers

4 Education  

public and private schools, colleges and universities

public and private training centers

educational publishers, including websites

Does not include tutors trainers, which are included under General Services
5 Real Estate and Development  

real estate holding and investment

real estate development


sales and brokering

asset management

6 Design and Construction Pertaining to commercial and residential buildings and landscapes

heavy construction, including commercial buildings, roads, bridges, multifamily housing and public works


contractors, including electrical, concrete, plumbing, roofing, hvac

architects and engineers

7 Financial Services  


financial brokerage houses

investment institutions

nonhealth insurers

employee benefit administrators

consumer finance and lending


8 General Services Includes a wide range of services not otherwise categorized

barbers, stylists, nail workers, shoe repair

installers of goods and fixtures

landscape workers, pickers

commercial services

logistics services

customer service

support services


temporary employee services


environmental artists, including visual and performing artists


Religious organizations

trade and professional associations

9 Professional Services Small businesses that provide professional services, usual from their own office

physicians, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, etc. in individual or small group practice

CPA, attorney, engineer


management consultants



public relations

legislative advocacy

10 Healthcare Institutions that provide health care and health care related services

health insurance companies


rehabilitation facilities

nursing homes

11 Information Technology  

telephone companies, including cellular

internet access providers and consultants

software developers, publishers and consultants

computer consulting (not manufacturing, distribution or retailing)

12 Food Services Includes producers, designers, engineers and retailers of food, but not the service of food

producers (beer, distilled spirits, wine, juices, tea, coffee, soft drinks, food crop growers, fisheries and fishing companies, livestock, bakers, etc.)

agriculture suppliers

bioengineering related to food

retailers (grocery stores, bars, convenience stores, health food stores, etc.) 

13 Energy Entities that explore for, extract, produce and refine energy sources

oil and gas companies like Exxon

independent oil and gas producers

renewable energy suppliers

alternative fuel producers and manufacturers

14 Mining Entities that search and extract commodities from natural resources includes mining for minerals, coal, diamonds & gems, and precious metals  
15 Transportation Moving people or materials 

people moving


auto rentals

busses, taxis


materials moving



marine shipping


air cargo

delivery services


16 Forests and Paper  

includes owners, growers, harvesters and distributors of timber/wood and similar commodities, such as bamboo

17 Post-Manufacturing Entities that use, process or generate pollutants

dry cleaners

plating shops

photo laboratories

automobile servicers

pest control services/exterminators

includes pollution control and environmental services

management of hazardous waste


recycling services

18 Media and Entertainment  

producers, operators and broadcasters of radio, television, music and film

publishing of books and newspapers

Does not include theatres