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E2.1 Minimize or Eliminate Irrigation


E2.1.1. Design and operate irrigation systems to use less water than Maximum Applied Water Allowance as determined in Equation 1 below. For California use the evapotranspiration rates published by the California Department of Water Resources. For other states, use the evapotranspiration rates for your location. See Resources section for local evapotranspiration sources.

E2.1.2. In-ground irrigation systems used for lawns or turf shall have soil moisture meters, weather stations, or equivalent technology (ET Controllers) to control and shut off operation of irrigation systems when adequate ambient moisture is available to the turf.


E2.1.1 applies to newly created landscaped areas of 5,000 ft² or greater. E2.1.2 applies to all lawns or turfs (existing and new) that have automatic irrigation systems and are greater than 5,000 ft². Additional water may be used to establish newly installed landscape materials. 


Construction drawings for new projects shall include complete landscape drawings identifying irrigation system components and soil moisture meters if required.  


California Department of Water Resources, Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO):

For information on local evapotranspiration rates, see lists provided by the Irrigation Association:

CHPS Best Practices Manual, Volume II: Guideline SP8: Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems: