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Annual Accountability Reports

The BCSI Coordinator with assistance and guidance from the BCSI Oversight Committee shall produce an Annual Accountability Report that includes a reasonable discussion of:

  1. The company’s performance with regard to the environmental, social, and economic criteria laid out in the BCSI standard.
  2. The company’s performance from the perspectives of the four key stakeholder groups (suppliers, employees, customers, investors).  [CE1] 
  3. Discussion of all pertinent findings relative to the BCSI Standard, both favorable and unfavorable, including grievances and/or complaints filed by suppliers, customers, employees or owners.

The AA Report should be reviewed and approved by top management and/or the board of directors and shall include a written statement attesting to the accuracy of the report, and disclosure of any limitations or exceptions to the report. 

The AA Report shall not include materials that are trade secret, confidential or privileged.  The identity of persons making statements to the evaluator or oversight committee shall, to the greatest extent possible, not be disclosed. The coordinator and/or oversight committee may comment on the credibility of information sources, as appropriate.

Benefit corporations may wish to refer to ISO 26000 for guidance on what should be included in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, but conformance to ISO 26000 is not required to conform to the BCSI Criteria unless the entity is required to do so by its own policies or ISO 26000.  In the future BCSI may establish and publish AA Report forms, samples, procedures and best practices.  Until that time, a Benefit Corporation report may take any reasonable format desired by that entity.